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Culturally Sensitive Clinical Services

At the Center for Applied Psychology and Forensic Studies (CAPFS), we specialize in providing culturally sensitive clinical services in an effective, professional and timely manner. 

Clinical Services

  • Risk Assessments
  • Psychological Testing
  • Counseling

Our services are also available for children, adolescents and adults. At CAPFS, we serve seniors through the Senior Wellness Program.

Type of Counselling

  • Short-term counseling is available to clients, especially in times of a crisis.
  • Long-term counseling may be offered as and when required.

Special Services for Children and Teens

  • Children Of School Age are provided services through our school program.
  • Teens are evaluated and provided services through our risk assessments for our young adults.

Clinical Services for Children and Adults

  • Children and Adolescents – Tutoring, impulse control therapy, play therapy, and crisis counseling. We also organize programs to address aggression and violence
  • Adults – Parenting skills training, coping programs for parents, separation and issues of loss, bereavement counseling, domestic abuse concerns, crisis counseling, and anger management.
  • Seniors – Secure Wellness program.
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Capfs, Inc.
Capfs, Inc.

Call us on 773-853-0648 or e-mail us at [email protected] to know about our culturally sensitive clinical services.

At CAPFS, we also perform psychological employment screenings. Click here to learn more.